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Interesting Limousine Facts You May Not Know Part 2

The modern limousine is a marvel of comfort and luxury. Whether you’re heading to a corporate meeting or commuting to prom, limousine rentals or town car services can be ideal options for transporting in style. While many people are aware of the limo and its quality benefits, most are unaware of the history and wacky facts surrounding this comfort-mobile. In our last blog, we looked at a few interesting facts about the limousine and its history and how those stories have helped to shape the modern version. Today, we’ll continue this journey by describing the limits that people have pushed and how our modern technology can help to make limo rentals a convenient part of your life. Able Airport & Limousine Service is here to provide the residents of Palm Beach with quality limo services for any and all of their unique needs. Our dedication to modernized comfort and customer satisfaction has helped us to become one of the best limo companies in Florida. With Able, you can rent a limo and relax while our trained driver gets you to your destination!

Supersizing Your Cab

When people picture a limousine in their mind, chances are that they are imagining a black, elongated vehicle that is intended to carry more than three passengers. This variety, referred to as the stretch limo, features a longer cab to more comfortably seat additional riders without inhibiting space or style. Stretch limousines are ideal for larger group involvements, including prom dances.

While the stretch version typically refers to any limo that holds up to 10 passengers, the advent of the super-stretch now makes accompanying up to 20 riders in grand fashion. While not entirely practical, the super-stretch limo can transport large parties to their destination in style.

Stretching For The Record

One man in California was able to get his name into the Guinness Book of World Records with a maximized limousine. Jay Ohrberg’s Lincoln rides on 26 tires and requires hinges to allow the vehicle to turn effectively in traffic. While technically not street legal, this 100-foot long vehicle featured multiple fax machines, a jacuzzi, and two driver compartments. This beast has effectively captured the American spirit of going bigger and better.

Touting Technology For Your Ride

Popular misconception makes limo rentals seem like an activity reserved only for the wealthy. Our modern technology helps to put affordable rates and options right into your pocket. From GPS tracking to simple online booking procedures, our company has worked to streamline the entire process to give all patrons the option of riding in luxury and style. Our top-notch drivers will arrive on time and will promptly assist you with loading up and heading underway. With more than 25 years of service, our fleet has the experience and professionalism to meet and exceed your high expectations.

Able Airport & Limousine Service is here to provide Palm Beach with limo services for each and every individual’s unique needs. The fun facts surrounding limo rentals are entertaining and even illuminating, yet they also service a historical purpose. If you are in need of a quality limousine rental in Florida, feel free to contact us today for a reservation!